About LED Premier Signs

LED Premier Signs was formed in early 2019 . Together we bring a strong, valuable work ethic, and knowledge to the LED Sign industry.

Our vision is to develop a program that will do the following: First, give our valued customers options to promote their businesses and accomplishments at a reasonable cost. Secondly, to develop a program that is unlike any other in this multi-billion dollar-a-year industry.

Timing is everything! “Now” markets and products are ever-changing and we are offering the opportunity for ground-floor involvement in the sales and advertising industry.

We were searching for something better, something that allows flexible scheduling, maximizing income levels, unlimited growth potential and something to create for our families if they choose to get involved. Advertising is a multi-billion dollar-a-year industry and we want to make the most of it.

We have begun our target market in Central Illinois and are rapidly growing throughout Southern Illinois. We are constantly seeking locations where we can place signs and sell advertising. Our growth target is to develop Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana. Future expansion over the next three years include the development of a national sales organization and to increase our territory and market share.