Screen Management/Display Control

While digital signs can be deployed almost anywhere, managing the network can be a huge challenge. What happens if your screen suddenly goes blank or your media player stops functioning? It can be expensive and impractical to send people on site to figure out and solve the problem.

The best way to handle such issues is to manage the network remotely. Remote management is very important in a digital signage network.

LED displays can be controlled by a wide variety of devices. A computer being the most common form of control. Today’s technology also allows your LED display to be controlled via cell phone or tablets. Having the ability to control your own content can save you from paying hundreds if not thousands for screen management and media creation.

Developing your own messages and advertisements can be tricky. With technology provided by NovaStar Solutions; LED Premier is able to offer top notch software to our customers. Provide your customers with attractive and detail messages by using images, videos, gifs, and much more. Being in control of your own LED sign couldn't be easier.

4G Cloud Based Sign Control

4G Cloud Based Software for digital signage is one of the best features that has been introduced to LED Sign Industry. Add advertisements, video messages, and much more by the ease of never leaving your location. Being able to access your signs remotely can save you money, time, and energy, and lowering the need for service techs. 4G gives you complete control over your digital signage from any location at anytime!