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    Our line of LED displays will give your business a unique and vibrant personality while treating your customers to a informative, detailed and exhilarating experience. Our exciting new line of LED signs will attract your customer's attention and will surely make your business's LED display a conversation starter among all of your customers.

Indoor LED signs are used mostly in indoor settings for enhancing customer experiences, providing product information, providing way-finding facilities to passersby and also for internal corporate communication.

Outdoor LED billboards are usually placed on busy roads and highways and are mostly used for advertising products and promotions and creating brand awareness.

When investing in an LED sign, make sure you conduct your research and be sure to look at the options that are available. Balance out the pros and cons of different types of LED signs and decide which one is best suited for your business's needs.

Below are the types of LED signs available at LED Premier Signs. All sign series are available in any size that is desired. Whether It'd be a small indoor display or large roadside billboard, LED Premier Signs has the answer for YOU!!!

OF Series

The OF Series is widely used for outdoor commercial advertising. Typically used for roadside advertising, small stadiums, and more; the OF Series can be utilized in many forms to create your perfect digital signage. 

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FS Series

The FS Series is primarily used for outdoor commercial advertising.  It offers full front service and lightweight die-cast aluminum framing, the FS Series can be mounted directly to the sides of various structures.

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