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 Our line of LED displays will give your business a unique and vibrant personality while treating your customers to an informative, detailed and exhilarating experience. Our exciting new line of LED signs will attract your customer's attention and will surely make your business's LED display a conversation starter among all of your customers.

    Indoor LED signs are used mostly in indoor settings for enhancing customer experiences, providing product information, providing way-finding facilities to passersby and also for internal corporate communication.

    Outdoor LED billboards are usually placed on busy roads and highways and are mostly used for advertising products and promotions and creating brand awareness.

When investing in an LED sign, make sure you conduct your research and be sure to look at the options that are available. Balance out the pros and cons of different types of LED signs and decide which one is best suited for your business's needs.

Why we sell 10mm Electronic Message Centers...

 Lets educate you on some of basic information on L.E.D. message players.
When it comes to L.E.D. displays, finding the pixel pitch that's right for you is essential to the success of your display.

What is an LED Display?

LED displays are comprised of light-emitting diodes (L.E.D.s) grouped into clusters, known as pixels. Pixels are the basic building block of any content, as they are the smallest addressable element in a raster image. With enough pixels in a given space an image can be created. The closer those pixels are to each other the more pixels the space will have, and therefore the higher the resolution of the image.

What Exactly is a Pixel?

When you sit down and watch your favorite program or movie on your TV or video projector, you see what appears to be a series of complete images, like a photograph or film. However, appearances are deceiving. If you actually get your eyes close to a TV, projection screen, or L.E.D. sign you will see that it is made up of little dots that are lined up in horizontal and vertical rows across and up and down the screen surface.

A good analogy is a common newspaper or magazine. When we read it, it looks like we are seeing single images and letters, but if you look closely, or get a magnifying glass you will see that those letters and images are made up of thousands if not millions  tiny dots.

Although pixels are the foundation of how a TV image is put together, there are other things that are required to see good quality TV or video projector images, such as color, contrast, and brightness. Just because you have a lot of pixels, doesn't automatically mean you will see the best possible image on your TV, video projector or in this case an L.E.D. Sign.

What Exactly is Pixel Pitch?

In the most simplest of explanations, pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an L.E.D. cluster (or pixel ) to center of the next L.E.D. cluster/pixel measured in millimeters.

Given the range of environments and conditions for exterior L.E.D. displays, there are many factors to consider. As with interior displays, pixel pitch is among the most important. For many billboards and building fa├žades, viewers are typically long distances from the display, meaning pixel density may be of less importance. However, there are walk-up outdoor applications as well, where high resolution (tight pixel pitch) is key.Additionally, in busier environments where multiple displays are competing for attention (think Times Square or Las Vegas), a higher-quality, higher-resolution display is of much higher value.

And finally, when choosing the right pixel pitch for your display, there are functionality considerations as well. Suppose a display owner wants to take a simple messaging approach with only text and unsophisticated graphics. In this case, a higher pixel pitch (less pixels, lower resolution) might be sufficient. On the other hand, a retailer who has carefully crafted a high-end brand with premium products may want a tighter pixel pitch (more pixels, higher resolution), not because of viewing distance but rather for image quality and better functionality.

Below are a few examples of what the difference between certain pixel pitches can look like when seen side by side. 




WOW!!! Just look at the difference.

Below are the types of LED signs available at LED Premier Signs. All sign series are available the current sizes provided. Each series of signs has it's own pricing and sign scale. Whether It's a small indoor display or large roadside billboard, LED Premier Signs has the answer for you.

L.E.D. Premier Signs only offers signs in a 10mm pitch. But with our company expanding.

We will soon offer different and more higher resolution signs.

OF Series

The OF Series is widely used for outdoor commercial advertising. Typically used for roadside advertising, small stadiums, and more; the OF Series can be utilized in many forms to create your perfect digital signage. 

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FS Series

The FS Series is primarily used for outdoor commercial advertising.  It offers full front service and lightweight die-cast aluminum framing, the FS Series can be mounted directly to the sides of various structures.

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